Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Kezia falls for Scottish Unionist hoax..


oh no. If you're going to have comment moderation, maybe be a little more careful in your moderation! In the comments section on her "sisters doing it for themselves" post someone pretending to be the blogger SU has posted:

Scottish Unionist said...
Hi Kezia Dugdale, please check out my new look blog and tell me what you think of it!


01 April 2009 11:00

Clicking on the name takes you to this site:

You then arrive at a warning page, which I thought strange since although there should be on on SU page there hasn't been before. I warn you not to go further, trust me you'll need mind bleach after.

Anyways I'll might send a message to Kez to warn her before anyone starts with the headline:

"Labour Activists Blog links to anal sex, Gordon Brown naked and scat, lots of yellow scat...."

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Funny or not?


After Jeffs somewhat sexist video, I thought I'd stir the pot with this one. So is it so sexist it's funny? Or will some people be hitting the roof... you decide. Personally I felt a little uneasy, but have laughed at a lot worse!

Sunday, March 29, 2009



If i read the phrase "hat tip" on anyones blog from now on I'm going to run their balls through a fucking mincer. STOP FUCKING SAYING HAT FUCKING TIP! Most overused phrase in blogging history. (sorry just watch the In the Loop trailer.)



Since when did Wales get there own team at the olympics? Ok I know I'm really slow on the uptake with this story:

"This could become Wales' best Olympics," hailed James. "And I'm proud to be a part of it."
"I'm really proud of Wales' achievements at this Olympics," said Davies.

Can imagine some unionists aren't happy with those comments!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A compliant


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a new subscriber to Graze, and fully enjoyed the first box. It was delicious and I fully planned to receive one every week, if it wasn't for what happened to myself and my girlfriend a couple of days after eating it. In our first box we received some delicious pine nuts, a healthy tasty treat! However after consuming we both felt slightly dizzy and nauseous, however we put that down to too much excitement about receiving our first box! After 1 day something strange started to happen, my girlfriend (who ate much more nuts than me) developed an acute bitter/metallic taste in her mouth that simply wouldn't go away (no matter how much she brushed her teeth.) It was exacerbated when she ate sugary foods, and made everything taste disgusting.

At this point we had no idea what was wrong and began to worry somewhat after the condition lasted into it's 3rd day. What was causing this we wondered and is it serious?? Consulting a family doctor who couldn't explain the condition but said it was most likely she either had jaundice/hepatitis/liver damage or she was diabetic. Now her skin isn?t yellow and her pee isn?t orange (so she told me) and she's not thirsty all the time but she had eaten a new kind of food in the last few days... yip you guessed it, pine nuts. A quick google search found that hundreds of worried people were in the same boat. I even found this:;jsessionid=JcSC79yxnRWTRJycCpNkSfv21kRKjrpZD6R62Qf4Zd4qYGsLmZsT!-2118404334!181195629!8091!-1

Apparently this horrible condition can last up to 4 weeks, and there is no cure. You say on your website that "Eating these is like walking through the forest on a spring morning. Don't believe us? try them" well she did try them and she says it's not like walking through the forest, it's like bloody eating the whole forest!

I understand that Graze cannot be fully to blame, however I strongly feel that we are not the only worried customers out there. I would hate to think that your other customers are traveling to their GP's describing a persistent metallic taste they have had for weeks and feeling distressed. It seems that whilst this condition is not fully understood it is believed to be cause by pine nuts from China. Could I ask where you source your pine nuts from exactly?

Unfortunately we shall not be continuing to use your service as we've been through enough stress and worry this week.


lets wait and see....

Sunday, March 08, 2009

dead end ahead?


So now after the other parties have shifted all over the place on the question of a referendum, they have voted to stop the people of Scotland having their say whether they stay part of the Union or not. They've done this to cement their joint opposition incase their position changes months or years from now I suppose.

It seemed like a pointless publicity stunt, because nothing it going to stop the SNP from pushing towards its ultimate objective. I'm personally still to be swayed towards full independence, however there is no doubt in my mind that the people of Scotland should be allowed to choose their own destiny. When Mike Russell told people it was "basic democracy" for the people of Scotland to decide Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy came out and suggested Mr Russell's job title should be "minister for breaking up Britain".

What I feel he fails to grasp is that Britain is already broken. Divides run left right and centre. Religious divides between communities, divides between the rich and the poor, and historical divides between nations. Yes we should be trying to mend these cracks, but some more than others are just too deep rooted to paper over. The thing that attracts me towards the SNP is that it dares to believe. It has a somewhat optimistic vision for Scotland’s future. Even when the going gets tough, and the benefits of being in the Union are clearly demonstrated, they still believe we can do better. That's not to say that if Scotland had full powers of independence we would have struggled to stay afloat.

Support for an independence referendum is high, whilst support for independence is low. At what stage do you think voters will vote for the SNP just to allow them their say and shut the SNP up once and for all?



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